First Spring in Jörn

You said ”don’t come back home”
I wish it was said with hatred instead of love, 
So that I could forget about you, dad, and everyone there easily.

When I watched ‘Life of Pi’ years ago, 
I couldn’t imagine the feeling of losing your family, 
But when we felt apart, I cried ”no, Pi is never me!”

I ran, wandered, finally settled in Jörn, a picturesque and peaceful townEarly flowers pushing through the earth and trees are blossoming now
Things are coming back to life, 
And life is coming back to me.

My body hoped to see the sunlight, 
My soul longed to be happy again
I saw ladies of your age, Mom 
They smile and say “hej,hej”
Now I don’t feel lonely.

Mom, there is a kind of bread here called ‘knäcke’, 
Almost the same as our ‘chowat’ which you used to bake 
Before baking naan, to estimate the temperature of the clay oven 
Knäcke, together with my milk tea, 
As if my past and future are in harmony.

Mom, stay healthy and don’t get old,
This is a command rather than a wish from me.
First spring in Jörn, has made me feel relief,
Seeing you in the second one, 
Is my hope and my belief.

Poesi från en asylsökande kvinna i Jörn

Foto Linus Lindblom